The button does not exist. Buttons exist: made of polyester or urea, of nylon or ABS, of metal or corozo nut, made of mother of pearl or shell. There are winter and summer buttons, military or work buttons, jewelled buttons or baby buttons, and for every different kind of button there is the material from which it is composed, the machines that shape them, and the firms that produce and commercialize them. The concept of the button, therefore, is conjugated as a plural: buttons are thought about, are produced, are utilized and worn. We all agree that buttons are those objects whose primary function is that of attaching the edge of one piece of fabric to another, but it is equally true that they contribute to the completion of the architecture of clothing. From marginal accessory, they become an originally creative piece, in good taste. If it is true that clothes do not make the man, it is equally true that the buttons can make the garment.

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